Thursday, December 07, 2006

~White Christmas~
This white delight will surely make you a darling angel during this Chrismas season.
($15 for a set of necklace and matching earrings)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

~Blue Bugz~
I couldn't really think of a appropriate name for these cutesy African beads, but they remind me of bugz for some reason. Funk the gunk and show them who's the girl that rocks...
(S$18 for the set of earrings and necklace)
~The Gypsy's Secret~
Wanna unravel the Gypsy's msystery? You gotta grab this piece of black sophistication for the perfect touch of mystique and glamour.
(S$12 or S$15 for a set with matching earrings)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

~Tranquil Lush~
Get lost in the pastures with this dangly number in refreshing lime green
(S$18 or S$20 for a set with matching earrings)
~Old World Charm~
This piece is a classic. It will come in handy on days where you will need to impress as there is so much old world charm in this. It'll make sure you look and feel rich and pompous just by having it on.

A single necklace with dual-layers of beautiful beads. Adjustable clasps to allow for length variations. Available in 2 Charming colours and matching earrings.
Length: 24cm

(S$15 or S$18 for a set with matching earrings)

~The Mouse in Style~
The Mouse is in the House. Works on white backgrounds best!
Dimensions: 15 X 15cm

~Beary Hip~
Iron-on Glitter. The latest instant fashion accesory! Good on jeans and the glitters add style to your outfits!
Dimensions: 9 X 11cm
~Chariot's Pride~
Imagine this Iron-On Night Rider on your black baby Tee....Gorgeous!
Dimensions: 14 X 18cm
~Luscious Lips~
Dangling 2-layered necklace coupled interscattered with antique gold shells
(S$18 or S$20 for a set with matching earrings)
-Necklace Sold, Earrings Left-
~Crown of Glory(Rock chic)~
Iron-on glitter that glams up your plain tops.
Dimension: 15 X 19cm
~~Splish Splash (Baublesof FUN)~
Reminisce about those loud and careferee days on the beach and in the sun. This piece has so much baubles of FUN. The fire-engine red, scream-out-loud baubles will be sure to bring all eyes your way. Bring on your outgoing character and zest for life like never before!

Adjustable clasps that allow for length variations and matching earring for even more baubles of FUN available.
(S$15 for a set)
~ Sea of blue~
Imagine the beauty of the ocean combined with the antiquity of Cleopetra's shells
(S$18 or S$20 for a set with matching earrings)
-1 Set of Necklace and earring left-

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